China’s Great Flood as seen from the sky


China’s Great Flood as seen from the sky


Aug 19, 2020/ 1.10 min

Impressive drone footage shows the great extent of the worst floods in at least 30 years in China.

Not surprisingly, many of the causes for these floods can be tracked down to human intervention.

Some experts claim climate change is partly to blame, since rains were caused by increased vapors arising from the Indian and Pacific oceans.

On the other hand, although local governments in recent years have made steps to implement nature-based flood mitigation strategies, the ever-growing Chinese population has forced a large number of lakes and other wetlands to be reclaimed into farmland or urban development. The shrinkage and disappearance of these lands is inevitably an important reason for the aggravation of flood disasters.

There are also some concerns that the Three Gorges Dam (built in part to deal with floods), is unable to deal with severe events, which somewhat defeats its purpose.