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George Carlin – Saving the Planet


George Carlin – Saving the Planet


Oct 21, 2007 / 8.03 min

In times of the Covid19 pandemic, that is ravaging every country throughout the world, nobody better than George Carlin to put things into perspective.

This clip is taken from his “Jammin’ In New York” (1992) special, as he finishes his performance with a ruthless blow to self-centered environmentalists by attacking their true motivations to save the planet while (and I don’t think most people realize this) agreeing with their main premise in a grim, ferociously honest way. “The planet is fine. The people are fucked.”

It’s not so much about saving the planet that most are concerned about but saving themselves instead.


Iguana vs Snakes | Planet Earth II


Iguana vs Snakes | Planet Earth II

BBC Earth

Nov 8, 2016 / 2.16 min

Feeling like you could use a break on a sunny beach?

Well, this Galapagos beach isn’t the right place for you. This is the stuff nightmares are made off.

This incredible footage, is probably one of the best clips from the Planet Earth TV Series and captures this incredible chase scene, between an Iguana and what seems to be a never ending swarm of snakes, coming out from every crack on the rocks.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to have Hans Zimmer handling the music, helping to build up the tension perfectly.

Watch his comments about about the music of Planet Earth II, on the video above.

There is also a “behind the scenes” video, explaining how while in Isla Fernandina, the Planet Earth crew were filming hatchling marine iguanas when they were surprised to first capture this sort of behavior (snakes hunting in group, though not in collaboration).