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Natural Disasters

Tempête Eleanor filmée en drone – Easy Ride Opérateur Drone – Saint-Malo – Bretagne – France


Tempête Eleanor filmée en drone – Easy Ride Opérateur Drone – Saint-Malo – Bretagne – France

Easy Ride

Jan 7, 2018 / 1.36 min

Spectacularly scary!

Saint-Malo, a walled French town on the coast of Brittany, has some of the highest tides in Europe.

Water can rise 12 meters over the course of six hours. When the water goes out, it reveals several kilometers of ocean floor. But during the high tide the beach can disappear completely.

The highest tides, also known as Spring tides, occur at the time of the full and the new moon, when the Moon and the Sun are in alignment with the Earth and their gravity is addictive.


Justice – Stress (Official Video)


Justice – Stress (Official Video)


Sep 25, 2013 / 6.45 min

We wanted to start out strong when posting our first official music video, so we decided on one of the most controversial music videos of all time (don’t take our word for it, both Dazed & NME think so too).

Directed by Romain Gavras, the video follows a group of young Parisian teenagers violently harassing civilians, vandalizing property, mugging people…you name it.

Backlash was immediate, for the graphic nature of the video but also as accusations of racism soon followed.

Eventually, the band had to put out a statement:

“The film was never intended as a stigmatisation of the banlieue, nor an incitation to violence, nor above all, as an underhanded way to deliver a racist message. From the beginning Stress was meant to be a clip unairable on television for a track unairable on the radio and we have refused any television broadcast of the clip, so as to impose it on no one.”

The song itself received mostly positive reviews though.

A parody clip was released soon after and is absolutely brilliant. See it below: