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Cassini–Huygens Mission Footage ▪ (Cosmos: Possible Worlds)


Cassini–Huygens Mission Footage ▪ (Cosmos: Possible Worlds)

George Kantianis

Apr 4, 2020 / 3.12 min

How can low resolution, black & white footage, taken out in deep space carry so much wonder and beauty?

Cassini spacecraft executed its “Grand Finale” (a series of close Saturn and Saturn’s inner rings passes) at the end of its mission, before intentionally diving into its own destruction on Saturn’s atmosphere.

This was some of the footage taken by the spacecraft while performing those last maneuvers.

Ludovico Einaudi’s music (video below) connects perfectly with the shots to setup an extremely powerful and intense viewing.

Natural Disasters

大津波 tsunami japan おいらせ町


大津波 tsunami japan おいらせ町


Mar 18, 2011 / 9.02 min

On March 2011, one of the biggest earthquakes ever recorded was felt in Northern Japan. Tsunami warnings went up immediately, allowing for people to look for higher ground.

It’s from these vantages points that most of the raw footage available on YouTube was taken.

In some cases the ground wasn’t all that high, as is the case with this video.


PS: The guy that parked his car at the high point on the road surely had one of the scariest experiences of his life.